Introducing: AmericanMedTravel

Your Connection to World Class Healthcare at Savings of 50% or More in Costa Rica

Did you know?

According to International Living Magazine, Costa Rica is one of the top countries in the world for affordable, high quality health care?  Costa Rica’s excellent and affordable health care is largely the result of government investment in the health sector, plus an atmosphere of political stability. Costa Rica comes in fourth in the health care category in the annual Global Retirement Index 2014. By almost any standard, Costa Rica has some of the best health care in Latin America. Not only that, but the country’s public and private health systems are constantly being upgraded—new hospitals, new equipment, and improvements in staff training make Costa Rica a global healthcare destination.

AMT is your connection to affordable health care in Costa Rica. Let us show you how our services can help you offer your customers a higher quality of care at lower prices…with the safety and security of fully accredited facilities in a destination that feels more like a vacation than a doctor’s visit.

Our Team

Our team, directed by Igor Gadaev is dedicated to providing personalized attention to patients from the USA and Canada seeking quality care in Costa Rica.  Igor Gadaev and his partner Dr. Ramirez is not just a medical doctor, but also holds MACSS title (Master in administration of health centers and health services).

Our patients receive care from the best doctors in Costa Rica at JCI accredited Hospitals (Clinica Biblica and Hospital CIMA San Jose). Our affiliation with the Medical Tourism Association in the United States ensures our compliance with international patient care standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to enable patients, corporations, institutions and insurance companies the opportunity to select affordable, highly personalized, world-class medical care in Costa Rica. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you offer outstanding medical and surgical care at savings of 50% or more when compared to U.S. prices.


Igor Gadaev
CEO / Manager Director